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About Us

If you have already heard about growing world popularity, fame and beauty of the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, so you might have got a strong desire to see it with your own eyes. Moreover, nobody who knows about the gorgeous beautiful girls living in Ukraine can resist quite a natural temptation to meet some of those sexy ladies and pay a complement being amused and inspired with an amazing charm of stunning girls living in Ukraine.

Thus we understand that each of our respected visitors are quite seduced already to experience naturally beautiful and sophisticated Kiev escort ladies from our Kiev Escort Membership Club. Yes, we are a club with its permanent members and a set of postulates to be followed. Interested? We are sure, you are. Just imagine yourself an honoured and always welcomed guest in our Kiev escort club. Best selected girls and just experienced priestesses of love will be at your disposal any time you’d like. Your most secret sex desires will become revealed and your most fantastic sex dreams will come true!

We can assure you that you won’t find any other escort society in Ukraine like we are! Private membership and exclusive services is what we offer at our Vegis Sexy Kiev club. And your own privacy is beyond the reach for any other person. You need to have a private world and you should have it. Our beauties know how to create a unique atmosphere of relax and conciliation for you. No bitter regrets and disappointment will encounter you at our special club. The thing is our priestesses are true professionals and are ready to demonstrate their outstanding abilities.

As we have mentioned, there are some rules concerning our special activities. One of these rules is to be respectful to other members. We mean your own respect for the privacy and confidentiality of the members as you are one of them and might have got the same desire to be not exposed to public with your natural activities.

 Who will meet me at this exclusive place of seduction and relax?
– It may be your expected question. For sure, you have the right to know what to expect from this membership.  So, we are not afraid of the inquiry, because we have made our best to collect just the best ladies from all over the country at our private Kiev club. And you can be sure to be treated by the most graceful, beautiful and passionate girls you have ever met. If you prefer romantic dates, so we can offer proper companions to enjoy the evening with. Or maybe you need a furious witch with sexy voice and a temperament of a tigress. Anyway, our ladies will satisfy all your wishes!