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The Erotic Stories page contains interesting facts and information about love and sex. Here you can find answers for many burning questions dealing with man-woman relationship. Problems considered in the articles are relevant both for male and female psychic and behavior. We have tried to develop discussions from the point of view of a couple, but not one person. Intimate and love affairs should be treated correctly, for they are very important for all mature men. We suppose there is nobody not interested in some intimate issue. That’s why we managed to suggest some material dealing with many aspects of sexual life: first date, uninhibited manner, talks after sex (what to discuss), women’s and men’s ideals and so on.

We are sure everybody will find something useful in the material. We try not only to state the problem, but also offer some ways of solving it. We also give a helpful piece of advice for all who had come into troublesome situation.

Why are our articles handy? First of all, you’d agree that commonly young men are ashamed of inquiring their parents or elder friends for advice when it deals with their intimate relations. And here, on this site, everyone can easily read what he is interested in and absolutely anonymously.

We’d like to pay your attention that contents of our material is aimed at enriching your knowledge about a man, about love and sex. We hope our articles will help you to solve some problems in your personal life. However, these suggestions can’t be considered as the only possible. As all people are different, there is no universal answer for each question. But when you have just a hint, so it is easier to find the appropriate decision in your life situation.

Even if you have no questions about sex and love currently, maybe you will find something useful to apply it in future.