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Sex Etiquette. Part I

Sex Etiquette. Part I

All of us have been taught rules of etiquette from childhood. However, when we become grown-ups it doesnít mean that there is nothing to learn any more. The thing is at some period of our life we start intimate relations with a representative of the opposite sex. And these relations should be also based on some rules. Neglecting of such rules or absence of desire to do that often leads to offences and misunderstanding.

Here is a piece of advice for women. If you are going to start your intimate relations with a man but have got some sex experience, donít try to reveal all your ďskillsĒ first night. Too vigorous and insisting behavior can disappoint your partner and make him feel deficient. Youíd better let him dominate in your sex activities. We are sure you will have enough of time to demonstrate all your talent later.

Donít be too open talking about your previous intimate relations. Try to assure your man that he is the best of all you had before. Such appraise will have rather positive effect.

Donít be excessively curious about his intimate life before you met. By the way, this is what men love in Ukraine escorts. These girls never make a man irritated by asking too much questions. Kiev escorts know that first of all a man needs fine sex and all other things can be discussed later. No sensible Kiev escort will ask her man to marry her after the date or tell about some other Ukraine escort he had sex with. Ukraine escorts know that a man should feel proud of his actions and the only one at this time and this situation.† Thatís why you can make use of the experience Kiev escorts have.

Of course, talks in bed are not forbidden. They are very often necessary for both partners to know each other better. For example, each Ukraine escort gives a client some time after sex to tell about his burning issues. Professional Kiev escort also has interest in the clientís joy or sorrow. What is the main idea? Men prefer friendly and sharing women. They only look strong and independent, but deep inside men are very vulnerable.

You know, Ukraine escorts are very tactful and attentive with men. Naturally, men love the company of Kiev escorts. Thus if you donít want your partner to turn to some Kiev escort or other Ukraine escort, make all your efforts to be a trustful friend and a passionate lover at the same time.

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