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Sex Etiquette. Part II

Now letís talk about critics and its impact on your intimate relations with your partner. First of all, donít chaff. Especially if you have only started your close relations. Your partner may occur very offensive and break your ties.

Remember that appearance, weight and other individual peculiarities are also not a matter of jokes. Women are especially touchy, though men also dislike sharp critics concerning their belly or age, for example. You should understand that your remarks must be within reason. Or you will simply make your beloved person hurt.

Donít try to solve some urgent life problems right after sex. Find another time to do that. Your talks should have only positive points. In other case your partner will think you disliked your intercourse and have nothing good to say.

You know, the experience of Ukraine escorts may be useful for you here, too. For example, all men know that professional Kiev escorts wonít discuss their life troubles with their clients. No Ukraine escort will ask a man to help her make serious decisions. A man is not commonly asked too much questions by a Kiev escort. Ukraine escorts donít spread rumours and men appreciate that.

Instead clearing up some unsolved problems, praise your partner. He should see that you liked sex with him/her. You know, Kiev escorts often pay a lot of complements to their clients after sex. Surely, each Kiev escort is exaggerating at this moment. †But it works perfectly. Appraised man feels proud and grateful for warm critics to his Ukraine escort. Do the same with your partner.

Ukraine escorts will also never discuss negative sides of intimate relations with a client. Kiev escorts are especially patient and polite. Each Ukraine escort keeps her repute and you can hardly hear sharp critics from some Kiev escort, too. But you can say that you are not an escort and sex is not a part of your job. So, some problems must be discussed. Of course, it is a sound idea. But you should find some proper time for this talk. And after sex try to prolong the condition of pleasure and satisfaction as long as possible.

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