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Sex Problems of Men: Causes. Part I

Sex Problems of Men: Causes. Part I

It is considered that all men aged from 15 to 30 should be absolutely healthy in sexual aspect and therefore are always ready to perform passionate and lasting sex session with a tempting woman. And if it is not true about you, so there is some problem to be solved. With no exaggeration we can say that nearly every man in mature age encounters such problems with erection. It leads to uncertainty, lack of persistence in relations with women and at last a man becomes gloomy and often irritated. So, let’s see main causes for such “misfortune”.

One of the men’s enemies is alcohol. To be precise, excess of alcohol in a man’s blood. Little portions of strong drinks stimulate sex function, but several drinks can lead to complete impotence for a while. And if men want to be both active and effective in physical sense, they should mind their way of life. We know that hundreds of mature men take services of professional Ukraine escorts or Kiev escorts. And each Kiev escort or Ukraine escort had seen such an impotence of a client. The thing is some gentlemen come to Ukraine escorts for the first time and take some alcohol “for courage”. But as a result Ukraine escort meets absolutely powerless man ready only for drunk talks, but not furious sex. However, Kiev escorts know that some men need this sort of relax. That’s why each professional Kiev escort wouldn’t give a lecture to the client, but just let him sleep out and feel full of strength.

Loving woman should do the same, but not cry for an hour with no result. However, if such meetings with a drunk lover become regular, it is a reason for a serious talk.

It’s a pity, but Ukraine escorts have seen many clients who think their Ukraine escort is the only woman to share his woe. Surely, Kiev escorts are always ready to listen to a man and give a piece of advice basing on their life experience. But no Kiev escort would approve of excessive portion of alcohol before sex.

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