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Sex Replacing Sport Exercises. Part I

Sex Replacing Sport Exercises. Part I

British scientists admitted that one session of passionate sex can burn as many calories as a training at the gym. Of course, your sex plays should take as much time as your common training (say, 40-50 minutes). But even shorter intercourse is able to take care of your body fitness. This way sex occurs to be a perfect means of burning excessive calories.

At the moment of the highest excite your pulse reaches 180 beats per minute, your breath fastens and blood pressure grows. In other words, a heavy tension is made on your heart, muscles, lungs and other systems of the body. Such tensions strengthen your immunity and metabolism. We don’t say you are going to become an Olympic champion due to sex, but it will make you stronger and feel fit.

The healing power of the intimate intercourse is known to Ukraine escorts who apply their knowledge perfectly. Kiev escorts even run special programs based on regular sex “procedures” accompanied by specific massage sessions. Any Ukraine escort can easily make a man feel healthy and confident after such training. If you have sometimes had an experience of being served by a Kiev escort you’d probably noticed a wonderful feeling of relax after sex.

Ukraine escorts know a lot of useful postures. Each Kiev escort knows that they influence the result of an intercourse greatly. For example, “cowgirl” is a position when main tension is taken by a Ukraine escort. Kiev escort feels great in this case, too, because her clitoris is stimulated and she also has an opportunity to stimulate man’s testicles.

Another dominating posture is called “doggie style”. Ukraine escorts also apply it. Being over the man Ukraine escort makes circular motion with her hips. In this case Kiev escort trains her hips, hands (when being based o upon a man) and breast muscles. This way Kiev escorts create perfect shapes owing to their professional activities.

Another dominating female pose is “face to face”. Ukraine escorts often apply it, for the pose makes not only physical, but also sensual impact on a man.

Kiev escorts also often suggest the “69” pose when partners stimulate each other orally. Of course, sometimes clients don’t want to pay attention to the Kiev escort and refuse of such a “training”. But you are not a professional Ukraine escort yet, so your man can have a strong desire to make you happy, too. Just let you imagination work!

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