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Sex Replacing Sport Exercises. Part II

Sex Replacing Sport Exercises. Part II

We continue considering various sex poses and their healthy impact on us.

Have sex in the morning instead of traditional morning exercise. This way you will gain two goals: get fine mood for the day and train your body. What is important is that partners are free in the choice of pace. And if a trainer in the gym demands all to be as active as he wants, here you are the trainer and sportsman simultaneously.

The missionary’s pose is considered to be the most traditional. Though it can be advanced in a way. For example, experienced Ukraine escorts take active part in sex when a man is over. Passionate Kiev escorts ask a client to lift his body and start moving fast up and down. This way each Ukraine escort can achieve fit legs, belly and hips owing to active motion in sex. You might have noticed that each Kiev escort has an outstanding figure. So, your one can be even better!

Try another pose “legs over shoulders” which can become a continuation of a “doggie style”. Ukraine escorts not often suggest their clients this pose, for it is dedicated to a woman’s pleasure. However, some clients of Kiev escorts like to make their partners happy, so let their sexy Kiev escort relax, too. When Ukraine escort puts her legs over the client’s shoulders he can stimulate her with lips and tongue. Physical tension for a Kiev escort in this time is also essential (her belly muscles become stronger).

As you see, all sex poses are exceptionally useful for your fitness.  Regular sex intercourses are among main secrets of amazing figures all Ukraine escorts possess. Experienced Kiev escorts can be regarded as strong sportsmen. Passionate sex plays are both fine practice for each Ukraine escort and means of improving body shapes. You can also try to measure your waist size before and after sex with your beloved man. And if you notice some positive results, your desire and passion will be multiplied, for sure. This way you can combine pleasure and profit for your health!

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