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Talks after Sex: What to Discuss? Part I

Talks after Sex: What to Discuss? Part I

Very often after sex partners have an awkward pause. How to act now? To sleep or to talk. And if to talk – so, what about?

You should know that after sex your blood becomes saturated with the hormone of serotonin. Its impact on men is seductive and it makes women cheerful on the contrary. So, men naturally need some rest and women want to talk and continue communication. To reach a compromise, you should interlace rest spells with talks to make both of you satisfied.

Start your talks right in sex: roar, moan, pay complements to your partner. It will facilitate continuation of your communication. Here the experience of Ukraine escorts can be useful. For example, all professional Kiev escorts tell their clients a lot of warm words. This way each Ukraine escort makes a man relaxed and grateful. Kiev escort will also ask a man if he likes a woman crying during sex. And he will do as he likes.

Both men and women need to know that they were great in sex. It makes them confident and high-spirited. And if we turn to the practice of Ukraine escorts, we’ll see that each client is commonly told a mass of complements concerning his abilities in bed. Each Ukraine escort would say He was impeccable and unrivalled. It can be not true for 100%, indeed. But a man needs to hear just positive references. And Kiev escorts know the effect of pleasant critics. That’s why experience of any Kiev escort can be rather handy in some life situation.

However Ukraine escorts have individual approaches to each man. And you should be able to do the same. For example, no Ukraine escort would shower praises on a man who is a cynical person and has no desire to listen to romantic complements. In other words, Kiev escorts see the brink. A really professional Kiev escort won’t be excessively talky or communicative with a man not to make him irritated. So, if you want to be a pleasant partner, learn to feel your couple. Become a skillful psychologist to be an excellent lover!

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