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Talks after Sex: What to Discuss? Part II

Talks after Sex: What to Discuss? Part II

If your partner is full of romantics, so you can freely talk about everything to him Ė about feelings you got, emotions you experienced. Tell him you are so happy to meet him one day. Let him feel your heart beating fast when he touches you. Pay as many complements as you can: tell him he was so tender and passionate in sex with you, tell that he is a very careful and sensual person. Such men like when you tell them you believe in fate and you met Him not accidentally. Put your head on his shoulder when talking to him, he would love it, for sure.

Some men have quite many hang-ups. Be careful with them, because they are very shy after sex and sometimes are afraid of failure. Try to cheer him up with warm words of appraise.

If a man is an inveterate bachelor (at least, he thinks so), let him feel like that. Donít hint on engagement, children and so on. He needs some time to prepare himself to the idea of firm relations with you. You know, men are grateful to Ukraine escorts for their relaxed manner and absence of any tension. No professional Ukraine escort would ask her client to dream of future. Kiev escorts donít make their men feel obliged. Thatís why each man has complete rest in a company of a Kiev escort.

Ukraine escorts also can see a manís nature: if he is assertive or on the contrary prefers insisting women. Kiev escorts can be both dominating and submissive, any wish of the client can be fulfilled. Try to be versatile and flexible, too. Like any Kiev escort, ask your men what he wants from the evening. Maybe he wishes to rest, but is ashamed to tell you of that. If you become the best friend for your man, no Ukraine escort will be necessary to him.

Donít be too shy and ask your partner different question after sex, if you see he is ready for lasting talks. If he looks absolutely weak, let him rest and start your talks another time. As you see, it is not so difficult to find an approach to a man. For example, skillful Ukraine escorts do it rather successfully. Beautiful Kiev escorts spend much time on studying a manís psychology and use the knowledge in their work. Imagine yourself a Kiev escort for a while. Be a sexy Ukraine escort for your men and amazed him more and more!

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