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Telegony: Can We accept It?

Over last few years the term of “telegony” has become rather popular in society. It is a theory supposing the influence of the first sex partner’s genotype caused on ancestral features of the woman’s children born later. They say this is a cause for the fact sometimes children of Europeans have untypical eyes shape etc.

Telegony as a scientific notion appeared in the sphere of breed selection. Scientists stated that each previous male influences the genotype of the brood born from the next male. That’s why all the owners of pedigreed cats or dogs try to avoid chance crossbreeding not to spoil the animal’s descent.

As you see, though the theory is quite obscure and has many “buts”, many people steel believe it.

And what should professional Ukraine escorts do? We know that each Ukraine escort has rather rich sexual experience and many hundreds of sex partners. Does it mean that Kiev escorts should agitate because of the telegony? We are sure no professional Kiev escort believes in this theory. If the statements of scientists are so contradictory, why should Ukraine escorts pay so much attention to them? Actually, Kiev escorts have got much job and no time to study another discrepant opinion. Of course, each Kiev escort will think about her own family some day, but it doesn’t mean that every Ukraine escort would stop her activities not to mix numerous genotypes for her future child.

Let esoteric lovers pay so much attention to the problem. And VIP Ukraine escorts should bring pleasure and positive emotions to life of their clients. The mission of appealing Kiev escorts is pleasant and responsible. And we suppose telegony not to impact any Ukraine escort greatly. If you have such an opportunity, you can discuss the issue with your amazing Kiev escort after a wonderful sex with her. At last, everybody can have own position as to the theory of telegony. But we think it doesn’t influence our life greatly today.

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