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Vampire as a Sex Symbol of Our Days

Vampire as a Sex Symbol of Our Days

It is difficult to omit the fact that during last few years we can observe a tendency of growing favor for…vampires. Novels and films sold and demonstrated all over the world are the best evidence. More and more girls and young women become fans of the “Twilight” epopee. Despite the fact they all reject their being interested in the vampire’s love story, cinemas gather full houses and writers produce new bestsellers. So, increasing popularity of vampire image is undeniable. But how can we explain it? How did we create a sex symbol drinking man’s blood and sleeping in the coffin? Why is vampire so exciting?

In fact, the stories about vampires have come to us through centuries. Different authors created their images of a cruel vampire. But what unties all the images is a powerful sexuality. It is interesting that a Vampire becomes an ideal man for most of women. He is extremely handsome, a bit rude, but strong and assertive, confident and reliable. These features attract women and create such an effect that heroes of novels about vampires obtain more and more devotees. In reality young women like bad boys!

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