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As all people are different, the principles of their relations also differ. We should distinguish behavior in intimate relations and in everyday life, for they are not always the same. In our article we are going to pay your attention to own role in sex relations with your partner.

Well, not only psychologists, but also average people know that two “pluses” and two “minuses” would naturally push off from each other. And people’s relations also comply with this rule. That’s why usually one of partners can be called a master, dictator or ruler (as you wish) and other – a slave or subordinate. Even if you think your relations are based on equal rights, and you take into account interests of both of you, it seems to be rather a declaration than a reality. So, what is your role in sex life? Are you an honest empress or just an amiable and submissive lady? There are special tests to know the answer. However you should decide it yourself, if it is really interesting to you.

If talking about gorgeous Ukraine escorts, it goes without saying that they are accustomed to  play different roles. Each Ukraine escort is submissive enough, but if a client asks his sexy Kiev escort to reign over him, so she would do it with pleasure. Professional Kiev escorts are all confident and assertive. But it doesn’t mean that you can hardly make your Kiev escort do what you want. On the contrary, experienced Ukraine escorts know that their main task is to indulge a client. That’s why Kiev escorts are hardworking and very polite. And you won’t need ask twice to make Ukraine escort give pleasure to you.

We are sure, true Ukraine escorts don’t need some tests to detect if they are dominating or subordinate in sex. Experienced Ukraine escort can be both rave and passionate and obedient and calm. And behavior of a Kiev escort depends only on the wish of a client. But it goes without saying that normally only assertive, lively and jolly women become professional Kiev escorts. These activities require certain features and they have got them, for sure.

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