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Kiev is one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe. Located on the Dnieper River, it’s got rich history with nice customs and authentic traditions. With the inimitable fusion of cultures, the inevitable co-existence of Eastern and Western mentalities, this exclusive place in a very heart of Europe is among prime tourist destinations.

Kiev is famous for its cuisine. Using this web-resource you will find different cafés and restaurants which are worth visiting. Choosing the place to your preferences, take into consideration the points listed below.

  • If you want to get acquainted with the country, choose traditional restaurants in national style. Among a variety of meals you are recommended to taste Ukrainian borshch, varenyky and pancakes with different fillings, deruny and other dishes which are extremely tasty there.
  • There are lots of restaurants with European cuisine. Nice interiors, customary dishes, reasonable prices and good quality – these are the main advantages of the restaurants in Kiev.
  • Recently Mediterranean cuisine has gained its popularity among residents and guests of the capital. For instance, for those who prefer Italian meals there are numerous pizzerias.
  • For admirers of Oriental traditions in food, sushi-bars and restaurants are rather popular and wide-spread in Kiev.
  • There are also establishments with less frequently met cuisines: Russian, Georgian, French, Caucasian, Chinese etc.
  • Using this service you will be able to find the most appropriate type for you; restaurants, pubs, cafes, fast-food outlets, bars and pizzerias with different range of prices can be chosen easily online.
  • Here you’ll find some additional information about the place chosen: its working time, wireless internet access, special offers and other details.