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Concord.Citronelle. Beef: Meat & Wine

The following three restaurants represent original cuisines. They all are located in the central part of the city. Modern and stylish they welcome their guests who appreciate the highest quality of meals, the perfect blend of taste, flavor and look, elegant interiors with nice atmosphere inside.  
“Concord” is a restaurant which is well-known among gourmands and famous for its cuisine combining French, Italian and some elements of Eastern tradition in cooking. This place has become the trendsetter in fusion and today it remains among its leaders. 

The restaurant is a combination of delicious meals and restrained interior. After the renovation in 2011 “Concord” has become a favorite place for many visitors. Its interior garden, large terrace, exclusive wine list and hookah’s menu will make your evening a fantastic one!

If you are in love with France and its cuisine, choose the restaurant “Citronelle”. The main feature of their place is its meals. Simple, home-cooked dishes prepared in accordance to new tendencies in original cuisine. The personnel of the restaurant are professional and qualified; they are fond of experiments and always ready to please you! For them cooking is not only a job, but a hobby, a lifestyle, a challenge; they cook and serve meals with much love and passion to surprise and excite you.

Mind that some of the most frequently used spices such as ginger, chili, garlic, rosemary are aphrodisiacs. So, choose “Citronelle” for your perfect date with a Kiev escort. You will not regret! Nice atmosphere and delicious cuisine will set you into the cheerful adventurous mood and become a good start for the evening!

For those who prefer meat to fish and wine to beer, this restaurant will become one of the best places. Located in the center of Kiev, “Beef: Meat & Wine” will conquer your heart and stomach with original kitchen, its perfect wine’s assortment and high quality service. The main features of the restaurant are professionalism, hospitability, reasonable prices and good taste! The place is appropriate for both: noisy companies of good friends or romantic dates with a stunning lady from some of Kiev escort agencies. The secret of the restaurant’s popularity is simple. This unique combination of good wine and tasty meat is timeless and always highly appreciated!

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