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Terracotta restaurant

The Terracotta restaurant in Kiev invites you to experience what a “colour of taste” is. Surprised by this term? So, you are welcome to the place where delicious meals touch all your senses. The Terracotta is a new restaurant of Mediterranean cuisine located on the 9th floor of the Premier Palace Hotel. But don’t think that menu of the restaurant is unvaried due to the single area of cooking. The thing is the Mediterranean is inhabited by many peoples and all of them have their own peculiarities in preparing various meals. This way you will have an opportunity of getting acquainted with different features being characteristic for one or another people.

Meals cooked in Terracotta are really masterpieces of culinary! The chef skillfully applies numerous receipts of peoples belonging to the Mediterranean and combines them with his own professional secrets. As a result – you get high-class service and unforgettable impressions from visits to the Terracotta.

Variable menu of the restaurant will have better taste if taken in a company of some enchanting Ukraine escort. Kiev escorts are known as true gourmets. So, beautiful Ukraine escorts can give you a piece of useful advice dealing with choosing a meal from the menu. Get pleasure from treating your perfect Kiev escort in the Terracotta!
Visit to the restaurant with a sexy and elegant Ukraine escort is a real pleasure. Such rest is worth to be paid for. You will feel successful and confident with such a companion as a gorgeous Kiev escort. Ukraine escorts are also very friendly and submissive.

You will get the most unexpected satisfaction from the meeting. Kiev escorts really know their professional duties and can share their bright life optimism with you.

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