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Veranda Na Dnepre

The Veranda Na Dnepre is a unique place for rest in Kiev. Being located on the Dnieper bank, it has two accesses: by water and by earth. The first one is a water way by cutter or yacht over beautiful waters of the powerful river. The second way will take you a few minutes of pleasant walk through a wonderful green park on the Dnieper hill. The restaurant is a home of warmness and romantics. The best out-of-town rest is here.

The restaurant is spacious and cozy. Its interior contains mostly light and fresh colours creating special atmosphere of comfort and relax. Main hall is immersed into light-green colours, wooden partitions and columns divide it into several zones. Pictures with marine motifs carefully underline the spirit of unlimited freedom and pleasure.

 Two banquet rooms are also very comfortable and at the same time well-equipped. This way you can easily run your business meeting or some private party here. Extremely beautiful views open from a summer terrace of the restaurant. This place really makes a person feel happy and relaxed. And a company of some elegant Ukraine escort will enforce your positive feelings. You can make a sexy Kiev escort extra position in the menu. We are sure, each meal will taste better if taken with one of the most beautiful Ukraine escorts. And a couple of professional Kiev escorts will create real fest for you.

The picturesque views opening out of the restaurant perfectly combine with versatile meals of different cuisines. Let a charming Kiev escort be your advisor when choosing dishes for dinner or supper. Kiev escorts are real connoisseurs of professional cooking. Each Ukraine escort has rather a rich experience of trying different meals at many Kiev restaurants. Enjoy tasty meals and fantastic Ukraine escorts!

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