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Dnieper Quay

If you like being outdoors and enjoy beautiful nature around, don’t miss the chance to walk down the Dnieper quay. This place will suit your romantic mood by all means. And the woman you are going to invite for walking will highly appraise your decision. So, if you want to produce positive impression of a refined romantic on your lady, so agree the date on the picturesque Dnieper quay. It is especially amazing in spring, when everything comes back to life and first greenery appears on the river banks.
Despite close location of a highway, Dnieper quay hasn’t lost its attraction for many people who come here to relax and enjoy the beauty of powerful waters of the river. Gorgeous hills, picturesque banks, various islands and architectural erections – all these are able to astonish.
Here you can also find many entertaining establishments, where it is possible to have rest and meals.

The entire walk may take you about 2 hours. You should see the monuments to the founders of Kiev – three brothers Kiy, Schek, Khoriv and their sister Lybid.
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