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Mariinsky Park

Mariinsky Park was founded in 1974 on the location of former Palace Park. Being a very cozy and shadowy, the park attracts many walkers with its old maple trees, chestnut and lime-trees. This place is admitted to be the most romantic site in Kiev. The Bridge of Loving Pairs connects the Mariinsky Park with the Khreschaty Park. Numerous locks, ribbons and napkins with different scripts are left by young people on the bridge.

Despite the fact the park is located in the very centre of Kiev, the air is always fresh and clear here. The territory is very neat and is being constantly cleaned. Comfortable benches, paved roads, clean alleys, street lights and a fountain create really fairy atmosphere. All the surrounding makes you feel especially comfortable and relaxed here. The territory of the park is quite large and it will take you about an hour to walk down its alleys from the beginning to the end. It is a very pleasant pastime – to enjoy beautiful sights of Kiev and breathe in fresh air with a beloved one near.

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