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State Museum of Ukrainian Aviation

You should know that all girls get mad about confident and strong pilots in neat uniform. Young women also feel some trembling when seeing powerful machines – airplanes. If you want to present your lady an interesting and at the same time exciting date, so invite her to visit the State Museum of Ukrainian Aviation in Zhulyany. The museum is the youngest, but also the largest historical and technical museum of Ukraine. It was founded in 2003 to the 100th anniversary of the world aviation. The exposition started with 30 exhibits and now it has about 70 airplanes and helicopters. The high quality of exposition makes the museum be worth of its place among ten best aviation museums of Europe. The museum has been developed during the years of its existence and is a very interesting place for average visitors and useful for future aircraft specialists. The archive fund is being developing owing to close cooperation with many world organizations.

If you are rather interested in visiting the museum, but don’t want to do that alone, so book some cheerful Kiev escort and do that together. Our Ukraine escorts are versatile personalities and have interest in many activities. Such a global industry as aircraft is especially attractive for our intelligent Kiev escorts. You will have an opportunity to discuss many interesting points from the history of Ukrainian and world aircraft with your attentive and careful Ukraine escort.

We must say that our glamorous Ukraine escorts are also good at English, so you won’t suffer from misunderstanding. Your beautiful Kiev escort will become your best friend and not only… Our constant clients know that professional Kiev escorts have many tempting talents. So, you have got a wonderful chance to meet some sexy Ukraine escort soon.

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