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The Museum of Water

The Museum of Water is one of the newest and the most popular museums in Kiev. It is situated in the heart of the city in the building of the water tower, which was erected in 1872-1876 and is a monument of the 19th century architecture. And if you are going to make an interesting walking tour along the streets of central Kiev, don’t omit the museum. Visit it together with a charming lady and experience something unusual as this place of interest can’t be regarded as a typical museum complex.

The museum’s exposition is quite unique. It is arranged in order to demonstrate you all the states of water and to tell the most exciting facts about water in the world. Different halls of the museum display interesting models, such as Water on Surface, Water under Ground etc. you will “hear” vivid water story told by skillfully arranged expositions.

The hydrologic cycle can be seen from all sides at the museum. To make your excursion more pleasant, invite some beautiful and wit Kiev escort to go with you. Enjoy rain and glacier expositions with a cool blonde or brunette Ukraine escort. Ukraine escorts are not only sexy, but also educated, so Kiev escorts can discuss some interesting issues with you. And that will be indulging.

Study the transparent world of water with a charming and graceful Ukraine escort and you will get a strong desire to continue your communication. Mysterious murmur of running streams seems similar to languishing look of your enchanting Kiev escort and you follow deeper and deeper… By the way, if you have such an opportunity, take two Ukraine escorts with you to get double pleasure. Don’t lose a wonderful chance and experience uninhibited and seducing, tempting and appealing Kiev escorts. It can be your most memorable excursion you’ve ever had.

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