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What distinguishes Your Escort Service among other ones in Ukraine?
We are not an ordinary agency (like hundreds in Ukraine are) with access for everyone. Our Vegis Sexy Kiev Club is a private membership for the most sophisticated gentlemen evaluating privacy and possibility to get absolutely high-class romantic experience with the selected and simply enchanting beautiful ladies.

Can everyone become Your Member?
Well, if we are talking about the Vegis Sexy Club as a private membership, so, of course, not everyone can be the one of our respected and refined members. It’s our essence: we provide the feeling of absolute discretion and confidentiality and have our own aspects as the basis for including/not including a person to our Club.

Do Your escorts provide outcalls?
We prefer calling our ladies’ services “Dates” and “Romantic Meetings”, for we have diverged from an ordinary meaning of the term “escorting”. And, of course, you will feel the difference if compare feelings obtained while communicating with our charming ladies with those of other escort girls. Thus we offer the most sophisticated activities.

Can I travel with some of Your ladies?
Yes, You surely can spend the most pleasant and amusing days in a company of our sexy and intelligent escort lady. We try to provide our members with all the necessary comfort during the travel time and our clients’ appreciation is most important for us. The list of places to visit with the escort is to be discussed with our attentive and polite manager.

How can I become a member of Your club?
To become one of us you should just contact us by e-mail and tell about you in detail to give us a clear look on you. Please, don’t be irritated because of our checking procedure. We just need some time to decide if you are the man deserving to become our member. You will get the answer within 48 hours from the moment you have e-mailed us.

Can I quit if I don’t like the services?
Of course, you are absolutely free in your choice. But we have not got the least doubt in your firm membership at our Vegis Sexy Club when you try our exclusive and sophisticated services. Frankly speaking, during the years of our existence nobody have refused from being the member of our private society in Kiev.

Do you often deny somebody’s membership at your club?
Actually, we don’t. As a rule, only refined and reputed gentlemen become our members and don’t break the agreements. The only point for excluding a person out of the club is a violent breaking of the terms existing for all members (calling from indefinite phone number, violating private life of other clients or our ladies etc.)

Can you provide me with absolute confidentiality?
Your privacy is the core of our activities. Our ladies go through thorough selection and this way our members meet the best of the best women. They know for sure that it is necessary to make everything for protecting your private life. Each our client is also required to be polite with other members and doesn’t spread their personal data in some way.

Can I look through portfolios of your escorts before I become a member?
No, only actual members of our Kiev Vegis Sexy Club have the exclusive right for access to our ladies’ portfolios. Please, understand we take care of our girls’ private life and health and that’s why don’t make their personalities clear for all who is browsing through the sites of the internet. We believe you have enough of patience to wait until you become one of us.

Some websites display false photos of their escorts. What about Your club?
We are a reputed private society providing high-class escort services. Our members enjoy wonderful time spent with our ladies. And we find it impossible and unworthy to distribute misleading information about our refined ladies. We assure that you will meet just the woman you see at her page. Understand that we act at the highest level.

Can I see the rates for your services?
You see, w suppose endless pleasure, memorable dates, unforgettable smiles or exciting feelings to be out of fees. Though we must admit that our ladies take much, but they also give a lot. The pleasure we offer is for provided people. and if you are one of them, become one of the members and enjoy the privileges we provide. We start from $500 for two hours.

Can I call your escort up personally?
We apologize, but it’s not a wide-spread practice among our ladies. The thing is we provide complete security and confidentiality for our girls and don’t assist in spreading their personal data, especially phone number and address. But our honoured members have some special privileges. You can get to know about them when become one of us.

Can I have a date with two or more escorts at a time?
We understand that you shouldn’t be limited in experiencing the most exciting emotions from communication with our fairies. That’s why you can have a date with the number of escorts you are able to mange. Certainly, the pleasure is not cheap, but it is worth that money, indeed. All details and rates are to be discussed personally with our managers.

Do you provide some bonuses or discounts for the members?
Vegis Sexy Club is targeted on the personality, its desires, senses, emotions. So, we have no steady price-list with prescribed discounts and bonuses for our members. Though you can open absolutely new sensual world with our beautiful, intelligent and friendly ladies. Our members have unique privileges. But to obtain them you need to be the members of the society.

Can your manger select the girl to my personal tastes?
It goes without saying, you will have the right to meet the woman you find appropriate by her complexion, age, figure and interests. We offer absolutely different escorts, though they are all carefully selected and professional. You need just contact our managers and explain your wishes and tell what you want to take from the date.

How do you select girls for your club?
We have several principles of selecting our escorts. First of all, we accept applications from the girls of all nationalities and complexions. We require our ladies to have sense of humour, sharp intelligence, good manners, love for communication and so on. Each our escort is a unique personality, sharing and friendly.

Won’t she expose my information to other members?
It’s our main goal – to enable refined gentlemen of frank discussions with caring and attentive ladies. We understand that you often lack a sharing friend ready to listen to your troubles or share joy with you. the experience of being with our ladies can’t be compared with anything. And we guarantee: nothing you tell or do will be open for others.

I have never had such an experience of being a member of escort club. Can I hope for your assistance?
Of course, if we approve of your adding to our membership, our polite managers will provide you with full assistance in all the activities available at the Vegis Sexy Club. We’d tell you about all the terms and offers and explain how you can contact us when you have such a desire. We provide full support for each our respected member.

How should I pay for the services?
We pay your attention that Vegis Sexy Club is not a usual escort agency, but a unique private society for refined men. Thus we commonly have no troubles connected with payment procedures. We run the policy of individual approach for each member and discuss the mode of payment with each person separately. To have more information, contact us.