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Alla - The Finest in Kiev escort service

I am Alla and I am glad to be the centre of your attention now. I hope you adore my beautiful splendid fair hair with a hazelnut tint, so charming and appealing. I know my dark eyes are rather expressive and my shining smile is so catching.

Kiev is my native city and I know its each corner. This city has an ancient history and I study it now at the Kiev National University. I decided to be a historian for knowledge of history gives us the ability of analyzing and predicting the future.

As for my hobbies, I collect hand mirrors. My collection can be expanded by your gift, too. Suppose I don’t seem impertinent for you. I just love men who try to share the woman’s interests. I am also ready to discuss your interests with you somewhere in a cozy hall and drink a cup of hot tea or something else with you. Believe in our upcoming meeting…Alla

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